Meet the Mayfarers

Mayfarers Return One Last Time

And now, after far longer than I ever thought – the Mayfarers are ready to go for one final launch.

Tomorrow we’re starting to release new Mayfarers material, from now until early summer.

Here’s how the schedule breaks down:

Starting tomorrow – we’re launching the Blooper Reel for “Mayfarers Go Hollywood.” In honor of the “Vampire Zombie Werewolf’” cast being nominated “Best Guest Appearance” by Indie Intertube -we’re here to show the fun and antics of what went on “Behind the Scenes” during the making of those episodes.

Next week will see the final Sketches that we shot years ago. Some “Star Wars” inspired fun as we were playing around during the shooting of the second season.

The week after we’ll have one final Bonus Episode. The kind where “Nothing takes place in the real world.” And for this bunch, that’s saying something.

Finally, on March 21st – we’ll be starting the launch of our official final season. I’ll be blogging more about this final season and the making of it in weeks to come.

For now, join us for one last adventure with the show.

Thanks for all of your support!

Mayfarers Trailer

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