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We Can’t Do It Alone

Making Media and telling stories – in any format – is difficult. Every step is a struggle. From writing, to casting, filming, selling. It’s all tough. And the amount of ways that it doesn’t work is enormous. To even to make a good project is difficult. And then marketing is a totally different animal. More difficult than ever in this cluttered space – and changing every day.

And that’s why we need to collaborate.

Over the past few days I’ve been in the company of some truly talented people. Between LA Web Fest and the Celebrate the Web event – I’m constantly inspired by the creators in the Web Series space. These are people who take their creativity and run with it – creating excellent results.

And yet – despite their inspiring shows, there’s a part of me standing at these events, drink in hand, thinking that all these people are climbing their own individual mountain. Every single one is working hard and struggling to climb their own mountain in this biz. And that’s just too tough.

There has to be a way to collaborate. There has to be a way where we can all take this collective talent and creativity and use it to help us all do what we do on a bigger scale. If we don’t collaborate, we die.

This is the genesis behind the “Mayfarers Go Hollywood” episodes.

Years ago – when I was looking at the media space and started to see that the web was the answer, I stumbled across “Life From the Inside.” I’d spent years in the indie film world. And while there were many talented people in that world, the successful ones were doing projects that were so far from the type of material I wanted to do. (Slow paced arty movie about homeless heroin war vets all discussing the “Serious issue of the day.”)

When I discovered “Life From the Inside” and other similar shows, such as “Goodnight Burbank” “Break a Leg” “the ‘Burg” and “We Need Girlfriends” it opened my eyes. Yes! Finally! Here are people sharing their creativity and stories, and finding an audience. And doing it in a witty way. I made a decision at that moment to stop going into a world I didn’t fit and embrace a world that I felt comfortable in.

Look at LFTI – a witty show, with smart writing, and fast paced dialogue. This is what I like to watch – not because I “have to” to study the market, but because I want to.

When the Life from the Inside Youtube account subscribed to my Mayfarers Youtube account, months before I launched, I thought it was cool. When I went out for coffee with the creators of the show in LA and I saw how incredibly nice they are, I thought – what a fascinating interconnected world we live in – when I found myself six months later filming a sitcom story with them I thought – I absolutely love this space.

That’s what Mayfarers Go Hollywood is. It’s reaching out to collaborate. It’s working with people I admire to do something that can hopefully help us all. (It’s also about goofy situations involving orgies, animal mascots and Papua New Guinea, but that’s another story.)

And that’s what we – as a Web New Media community –  need to do more of. We need to get together to figure this out. To do something greater than the sum of our own parts.

Who’s with me?

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