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Gearing up to Shoot


I’ve been juggling a lot of balls lately, gearing up to shoot episodes of our new show. I’m looking forward to it. Major goals for this go around for me is learning more about working with green screen, and expanding the characters we have in this new show.

Pre-production is the single more important key of production. I always like to be as prepared as I can possibly be, so that when I’m on the set I can quickly shift gears if need be. That’s another reason I love doing web shows. There is a level of playfulness and spontaneousness involved which is far more enjoyable than a feature. Also, instead of a mammoth month long shoot, they’re just weekend shoots.

In any case, other people can take the golf courses, ballgame, or beaches on their weekends. For me, shooting new films and shows is the best weekend for me.

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New Web Shows

world-mapTime Travel and World Domination.

These are the subjects of the two new web shows we shot this last weekend. We had a great two day shoot, mostly in an office complex with a heavy use of greenscreen. It was a blast to try out a style totally different than “Mayfarers.” The shows are both comedies, one about time travel, one about Super-villains. One will be in a somewhat traditional sitcom format, one will be interactive. However, both have a pretty bizarre tone of humor.

My intention was to try smaller story arcs, not the year long arc of the current show. However, shooting these sparked many new story ideas, which we may shoot in the coming months…so that plan may go by the wayside. As for a release schedule, I’m hoping to release one of the new shows later this year, but we’ll see how that goes, as editing always does take forever, especially with green screen.

In any case, thanks for making our launch so successful last week. Please subscribe here for new episodes of “Meet the Mayfarers!”

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