Meet the Mayfarers


“Meet the Mayfarers” is the story of an estranged, dysfunctional family who is forced to live together for one year in order to get their grandfather’s massive inheritance. Trying to hide their hatred for each other to pretend to be the perfect family is going to be an impossible task for this group.


There’s the mother of the family, Maggie Mayfarer – an exuberant, hypochondriac woman whose hatred of her estranged husband knows no bounds.

Her husband Phil Madison is  a self-anointed “Love Doctor.” He’s a sort of low budget Tony Robbins type figure, speaking and writing about the “Healing power of love.” The family hates him so much that the kids have taken their mother’s maiden name. mayfarers-stills-22He brings in his new girlfriend Barb,  a college age sweetheart whose very presence throws Maggie into a fury.

Phil and Maggie’s daughter Claire, is a sarcastic bitter young woman, whose dating history is a Rolodex of disasters. She can’t stand her family, her boyfriends, and even her life. Her brother Nick is a wannabe “Serious actor” who can only get roles in a children’s video podcast show, dressed as a Penguin.

Finally then there’s the guy who started it all, Porter Mayfarer – the wild, boozing rich dirty old man that put this into place. Even from the grave he’s pulling the strings of this family.mayfarers-stills-06

Will the family get the money? Will they survive living together without killing each other? Can they really fool everyone for a whole year? Find out each week on “Meet the Mayfarers.”

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